Custom Tracking Integration Help

To enable this feature, go to Zotabox Dashboard / Settings / Advanced Settings.
Select Send events to Google Analytics or Facebook Pixel or both then click Save.
Zotabox will send all tool events to your Google Analytics / Facebook Pixel automatically.
* This feature requires Google Analytics / Facebook Pixel installed on your website (not via Google Tag Manager).
General Settings
All events are sent along with the tool name (displayed in the header bar of the tool settings page). These are Zotabox tracked event names:
+ Clickthrough
+ Email Signup
+ Send Message
+ Social Share
+ Tab Click

Google Analytics

In Google Analytics, you can see your tool report in Behavior / Events / Top Events, select Zotabox in the Event Category.
Top Events Analytics
You can see the report by event in Event Action or by tool in Event Label.

Facebook Pixel

In Facebook Pixel, go to Manage Ads / Pixel, you can see your tool report in Events section.
Ads Manager
You also can create audience / conversion basing on Zotabox Events. Select Tool in parameter option and enter the tool name if you want to filter by tool.
Ads Manager (2)

Custom Tracking

To call your custom tracking code, you can add ZotaboxEvents callback in your JavaScript as below:
  window.ZotaboxEvents = function(event) {
    if (event.toolId == yourToolId && == “Send Message”) {
* You can get yourToolId in the URL of your tool settings page.

Form Submit Tracking

To track your form submit, you can add ZotaboxSubmit callback in your JavaScript as below:
  window.ZotaboxSubmit = function(data) {