Is Messaging the New Live Chat?


Move over live chat, the big boys are coming to town.




After remaining on the sidelines for years, the big messaging apps like Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp are elbowing in on the B2C market. And why not?


Messenger and similar apps are already the most downloaded and frequently used apps on the internet. Messaging is a essential part of our day to day lives. We can not go a day it seems without messaging our family and friends so why not message our favorite businesses as well?


This is a logical progression in B2C communication. B2C communication before was more formal requiring a phone call or email or in some cases a live chat on a website but like casual Fridays, messaging seems to be taking over.


Messaging has some natural advantages over live chat:


  1. There is a permanent thread between customer and business that allows both to ‘re-connect’ easily at any time.
  2. The customer and business owner don’t have to be ‘at their desks’ to ask or answer support questions. Either can be at a café and can easily do their jobs.
  3. Messaging platforms are beginning to allow payments through Messaging bringing consumer satisfaction to the next level.
  4. Facebook Messenger will reportedly allow ads to be sent to customers that have previously contacted the business on Messenger.


Messenger Live Chat is not just for big business like Hyatt and KLM. Any size website can support their own customers via Messenger Live Chat directly on their own website with Zotabox’s easy to use integration tool.


Messenger Live Chat is fast, convenient and free. Why not support your own customers via Facebook Live Chat today?


Paul is the CMO of Zotabox and cares about the quality of the tools we provide to website owners. We are based in Hanoi, Vietnam. We love to hear your comments and suggestions.