You are loosing on great opportunities to increase sales!

Welcome to the newest blog from Zotabox Customer Service team. In this post, we will explore the sales opportunities for e-commerce and small business owners when it comes to the holiday seasons. 

As we all know, holidays are the times that literally everyone would love to celebrate. In this dull and exhausting world, holidays are the times that we actually give ourselves a little break, a moment apart from the insane hassle of daily lives. 

Holidays are our endless sources of joys. Holidays are what we live for

As brands, besides the face these holidays are great opportunities to create more sales opportunities, we think businesses are also responsible to create something new, inspiring for their fans and followers. In these ages of social media, when everyone is connected, if a brand can make great offerings these holidays, they will be loved and trusted more by their audiences.

In this blog, I will go through three main topics. One is how to prepare for an onsite campaign, two is the ideas that brands can use in holidays and three is how Zotabox team can help you achieve your sales goal for the upcoming holidays. 

Part 1: How to prepare for an onsite campaign

First Step: Brainstorming

You will need a core idea first, whether it is a statement, a product, a picture, anything. You will need something anchored as your core idea and then develop from there. You can either think about how the campaign may look like, how many pages you are going to use to place your onsite tools or how long the campaign should last. 

In this stage, it is better to take it slowly, save the thinking to your leisure time when you have no distraction from families or works. Use few pieces of blank papers to develop the visual and main content, along with a simple spreadsheet to organize your ideas. It is also recommended that you have Zotabox and design tools such as Canva turned on in order to prototype any idea that you may want to. 

Second Step: Design a Funnel

Now you have a basket of initial content pieces. You may have gained a pretty clear understanding of how your campaign would run and what you would get out of it. Your task at this next step is to organize these input into a meaningful funnel that makes senses to you.

A great funnel would be a intuitive one, without much thinking to figure how it would work. This funnel would need to have a clear objective for each tool set up and how they are connected to the subsequent phase in your funnel. As for e-commerce, since there are a lot of product pages, one funnel idea is to bridge these product pages together using popups. 

You will need to think about how to present your offer so it can appear the most appealing to your customers

Third Step: Edit tools and Test

It is time for final production. You would need editing softwares such as Canva or Capcut to start putting this funnel into reality. Make sure that for your products and services, all relevant visuals are downloaded with high definition. If you can, make sure all these graphical content are optimized in size and type suitable for uploading to avoid slow loading time. 

Log in your Zotabox account and start getting each tool done. It is recommended that you finish one tool and move on to another tool for better efficiency. Editing tools can be time-consuming if you do not have prior experience. Before you start editing on Zotabox, have a detailed spreadsheet. On it, you would have a list of all tools needed for the campaign, a name for each tool so that you can differentiate, type and display rules for each tool, and the destination of the button clicks if applicable. 

An effective campaign should have about 5-7 active tools and when you accomplish this, it is time to test. Use multiple devices to test in order to see how the tools look and feel. Please remember, at the end of the days, the tools are just for bridging, the winnings lie in how good your content and offerings are.

Part 2: What ideas can brand use for these holidays?

This idea below is AI-assisted. If you are not using ChatGPT for idea generation, you are missing out. This technology can help you quickly formulate some rough sketch of your campaign. One thing you must do before ask it to generate a campaign, you must give your chatbot context, which is detailed information about your brand, the holiday spirit and your offerings. 

Below here, I am giving you an idea for a typical clothing brand in celebration of Labor Day 2024. This holiday is celebrated in many countries and is one the most popular day to spend and relax. 

Campaign ideaLabor of Style: Unwind in Fashion This Labor Day
HeadlineFashionably Relaxed – Labor Day Sale Now On!
DescriptionThis Labor Day, take a break from the hustle and bustle and indulge in some well-deserved style therapy with our Labor of Style sale. Embrace comfort without compromising on chic as we offer exclusive deals on our latest collection of laid-back yet stylish pieces. From cozy loungewear to effortlessly cool athleisure, elevate your downtime in fashion-forward flair.
Campaign idea for Labour Day (For clothing e-commerce stores)

Campaign Components: For this campaign, I will utilize 5 Zotabox tools which are Easy Popup, Upsell Tools, Easy Banner, Header Bar and Contact Form. 

Easy PopStylish StaycationWelcome visitors to your Labor of Style sale with a Stylish Staycation popup. Encourage them to “Relax in Style” and explore your curated collection of fashion essentials while enjoying curated mood boards and style tips.
Upsell Tools/ Showcase Sliders/ Embedded SlidersLabor Day LookbookCurate a Labor Day Lookbook showcasing your top picks for effortless style and comfort. Highlight versatile outfits suitable for both lounging at home and stepping out in style.
Easy Banner/ Embedded Image BannerLounge in LuxuryAdorn your website with a Lounge in Luxury banner featuring chic imagery and the message “Elevate Your Downtime – Labor Day Fashion Sale Now Live.”
Header BarFree GiveawaysMake an announcement of your free giveaways in celebration of Labour Day such as free shipping, storewide discounts or BOGO promotion. Include sharing buttons, countdown timers and discount codes on the bar for more effectiveness
Contact FormSocial ContestLaunch a Fashionably Chill social contest where participants can share their best “chill” outfit selfies featuring your brand’s clothing. Encourage creativity and authenticity, rewarding the most stylish and relaxed entry with a special Labor Day treat.
Creating an onsite conversion plan for a clothing e-commerce store

This campaign should start running a month or a few weeks prior to the holiday. Beforehand, you will need to get buzz on your social medias to engage your fan in the holiday spirit. Near the date, you will use some forms of advertising, whether it is social or search to bring traffic to your site. For a campaign to be successful, lots of effort will be spent on the preparation phase. 

Part 3: Do it yourself or do it with Zotabox funnel service?

If you have been working these types of onsite sales funnels yourself and they have been effective, I recommend that you should keep doing it yourself to save costs. Besides, you are probably the best one to understand the business, the audience and the offerings that you are making. Get it done by yourself should not be a hassle because tools like Canva, Capcut or Zotabox are all simple and intuitive tools.

On the other hand, if you feel like it is best to have someone who is experienced at it to take care of your onsite sales funnel, you can consider using our newly-launched funnel setting service. We realize that for many of our customers, coming up with a click funnel idea and creating it using these editor tools may be simple but is indeed time-consuming. Our service can give you a hand, save you time and make high-converting funnels that will generate great return on investment. Our funnel consultation service include these following:

Whether you go with the first option or you choose to use our service, it will boil down to you taking the first step: IDEATION

Making a detailed and calculated click funnel can be challenging if you are doing it for the first time, but trust me, it gets easier. Start creating your holiday onsite campaign ideas today with Zotabox free trial with over 20+ types of onsite promotional tools and don’t miss out these chances to take your brand and your business further!