Popup Ideas for Mother’s Day Onsite Promotion

For most of our users, popup always lies among the top popular tool because of its versatility. The popup tool of Zotabox has different templates and added functions that do a range of things from drive sales or capture emails. In this post, we will look into the Image only template style to see what kind of ideas can be implemented this Mother’s Day

General Discount

This is the first type of promotion that we think of: general discounts. This can be effective because it increases the demand of all the products, so not only you can increase sales from who are buying gifts for their parents but also from other customers who do not have this intent. 

Elements: headline, CTA link to product pages, features (optional), product image, podiums and discount information

Product and Service Bundle

Bundling products and marking down to create an offer is always an easy and intuitive promotion. This can apply to all types service and product providers.

Elements: branding, product and service visual, mark down amount and valid date, catchy headline, features and benefits.

Add-on services

People buy from us not only just because of our products and but also the services. This promotion mostly applies with stores that sell physical products.

Elements: CTA, link to product collection, branding, length of promotion, visual, added-on services (wrapping, card writing, shipping, engraving, labeling, etc)


Sweets like candies or chocolates are enjoyed by all ages and genders, which made a great extra. Also, these are delicious and they also look nice, which is suitable to included in any type of packaging. 

For apparel brands, I believe there would be far more options to include something nice for your customers this Mother’s Day. 

Elements: offerings, promotion term, catchy headlines, branding, link to product page

Buy One, Get One

I put this last because I think this is the least effective. As most of the time, customers will go for a gift option that is unique, so quantity may not be something they are looking for. But this might still work for more product awareness if you have a line that you want to push. 

Elements: headline, CTA link to product, BOGO information, timer for increased urgency, product visual and features, podiums

Get the template of these popups

These popup ideas in this blog were all designed using Canva. In this post, we provide a link to the templates so you can also edit them to make your own promotions this Mother’s Day.

Step 1: Log-in your Canva account and click this template link right here to access: Mother’s Day Popup Template Link

Step 2: Edit the content and change the elements to your linking. Make sure the elements match your branding

Step 3: Download the finished popup in JPG, the size should be 600×400 px

* For Canve Free users: You want to include some Canva Pro elements that is unable to remove watermarks. Don’t worry! Please send your template link to us through in-app chat and we will send back a downloaded JPG without watermark because we have the Pro subscription. Please click here to see how to send a Canva template link

Step 4: Go to Zotabox Dashboard and choose Easy Popup.

Step 5: Choose Image-only banner and go for Medium size. Then upload your popup

Step 6: Put the link to the product, bundle pages or any other landing page
Step 7: Click Display Rules for Precise Targeting

Step 8: Click Save, turn the tool on and click Save again. Your popup is live

For more ideas about Mother’s Day promotion, you can also check out our previous blogs on how different Zotabox tools can create a comprehensive experience for your brand in holiday marketing.

Not all businesses can promote this Mother’s Day because of the nature of their products and services. However, this blog post can be an inspiration for onsite promotion that I think can be utilized by any business that is getting traffic through websites.