Prestashop Embed Code Instructions

There are two ways of installing Zotabox code in Prestashop.
1. Use a Module to Embed the Code
You can embed Zotabox code by using a module such as ContentBox, which allows you to insert custom HTML/JavaScript on your site.
Simply install the module and add the embed code (in source code mode) in a block that is shown on every page, such as ‘displayFooter’.
2. Embed Zotabox Code in a Template
You can also embed Zotabox code directly inside a Prestashop template (.tpl file) such as “footer.tpl” by putting the JavaScript inside the {literal}{/literal} tags. For example:

{literal}<script async src=”//”></script>{/literal}

* You need to get your Zotabox embed code here: (please login or create a Zotabox account to get your unique embed code).