Can I use text on background images for popups?

Your popup height depends on size chosen (small, medium, large, square) and your text length, # of fields, buttons etc. on your popup.

Our 4 standard popup sizes are: + Large (800 x 533 pixels) + Medium (600 x 400 pixels) + Small (500x 375 pixels) + Square (450 x 450 pixels).

The popups will display the standard size on large screens and are auto-responsive (cropped) on narrow tablet and mobile devices.

Note: If your popup content (text length, buttons, fields etc.) is greater than the standard popup height then the actual popup height will follow your popup content.

We don’t recommend using text on background images as it maybe automatically cropped.

You can also choose to display on minimum size – tablet with the display options on the setting page.

We hope this information helps you.