How do I embed a video into Zotabox Tools?


  1. Choose “<HTML>/Embed Video’ template on your Zotabox tool setting page (valid for popups, slide box, page builder and new embeddable tools).
  2. Open the video you wish to embed on a new browser tab.
  3. Click ‘Share’ below the video you wish to embed.

4. Choose the Embed option.

5. Copy Embed Code to Zotabox tool setting page.

6. Adjust ‘width and height of your embedded video (embedded numbers should be equal or less than Zotabox setting page numbers).

7. Adjust your display options to display tool on pages you wish.

8. Save, turn ON your tool and refresh your website to display your tools.

9. To remove ads from youtube videos add ?rel=0 to your youtube embed code (before the “).