How do Push Notifications work?

Push Notifications consists of TWO consecutive popups that your visitors will see on your website. You can customize both popups on the setting page.

Your website visitor MUST ‘allow‘ BOTH popups to be added to your subscriber list. Your visitor’s anonymous browser ID is added to your subscriber list (not your visitor name or email).

Important Note: Your visitor will only RECEIVE push notifications from you on the SAME browser and device that they originally subscribe on (Ex. Chrome/home desktop, Firefox/mobile device, Safari/office desktop etc).

After your visitor has ‘allowed’ BOTH popups they will be added to your ‘subscription’ list. You can now ‘send notifications’ to them.

This tool does NOT work in ‘preview’ mode (only on your live site).

Note: After your visitor’s subscribe, they will NOT see the original notification popup again on your site. When testing add /#zbrefresh to your website url to clear your browser cookies to see the original notification popup again. Ex. .