What happens if I reach my customer visit limit for the month?

Your Zotabox tools will be automatically turned OFF if you reach 120% of your existing plan visits for the current month.


For example on our free plan, your Zotabox tools will be turned OFF when you reach 1,200 website visitors for the current month (3,600 for the starter plan etc) .


You will be sent reminder emails automatically when you reach 95% and 120% of your visit limits for the current month.


Your limit will be automatically reset to zero at the beginning of the next month (12:00 am GMT) and your tools will be automatically displayed again.


There is no website visit limits while on our 14 day premium trial.


To increase your monthly limits, please go to our pricing page.


Zotabox guarantees you will increase your sales or your money back for 30 days.


To get promotional ideas for your website see our promo idea page.


To see your current plan, please go to your account page.


A website visitor is calculated only ONCE per 24 hours, so if your customer makes multiple visits to your site in 1 day this is only considered 1 Zotabox website visit.