Why are my tools not displaying on my website?

Please refresh your browser  (ctrl F5) after saving and turning ON tools or open website in private/incognito browser window (for temporary cache issues).


Facebook Live Chat Settings (8)


To open Chrome/Firefox private browser, go to top right corner of browser, look for 3 dots (chrome) or 3 bars (firefox) and right click. Choose “New Incognito Window” or “New Private Window”.


If you ‘X’ (close) your tools, they will not display again for 1 session (session length depends on browser settings).


Some tools such as popups will only display once per session to avoid annoying your customers.


Browser session length depends on individual browser settings:


If you enter your email, the tool will NOT display again (to avoid annoying your new subscribers). Please test in private browser mode.


For WordPress users, some custom themes may conflict with our app. Please install our embed code manually and clear and delete your cache.


For Weebly users, please ‘publish’ in your weebly admin section after installing our app and saving and turning ON tools.


Weebly Publish


For Big Commerce users, please embed our code again if you change your theme.


Our tools will not load on Wix platforms or pages embedding in Wix (because they are required to load inside an I-Frame)


If you have an Ad Blocker extension in your browser, please disable it.


Rocket Loader of CloudFlare is still in Beta and may cause a conflict with our script. Please disable Rocket Loader or add data-cfasync=”false” to our script:

< script data-cfasync=”false”  …


If you have a stand alone website, please ensure the zotabox code is embedded in your website footer (html source) https://zotabox.com/dashboard/embeddedcode/.


Zotabox tools will not load if embedded inside an I-Frame.