Will zotabox affect my site speed?

Zotabox tools load asynchronously (after your website loads, so your visitors can interact with your website before our tools load) and will not affect your website’s loading speed.

Note: Loading time depends on the location and the internet connection at the time.

All our static resources are delivered through premium CloudFlare CDN and using dynamic browser cache. (we can not minimize our script further or it will affect our tool’s proper performance).

We have developed our ZB Framework / micro services that uses the latest NodeJs, PHP, MySQL, NoSql, PM2 technology to deliver maximum performance and the quickest load times.

Our loading speed maybe affected by other 3rd party tools. Please delete unused tools or consider using a CDN system like CloudFlare to speed up loading static resources.

Shopify merchants can also embed our code manually to speed up loading times (if you have multiple apps installed on your site).

Third party widgets like Facebook and Google may take longer to load first time but load faster for your repeat visitors.

Facebook’s script (for live chat) may take some time to load, BUT will load AFTER your general website script is loaded so will not affect your user’s general experience of your website.

Loading speed is only one factor in your overall user experience. Ex. Amazon has a low score but high traffic and good user experience.

You can get suggestions to improve your website loading speed here.

You can also test your website performance without Zotabox tools by adding #zbstop in the end of your website URL.

Eg. http://yourdomain.com/#zbstop

Zotabox also has flexible display rules to maximize customer impact.