Wix Embed Code Instructions

 * Wix does not support to embed 3rd party script directly so you will need to embed Zotabox code via Google Tag Manager. See how to add Google Tag Manager to Wix website here: https://support.wix.com/en/article/adding-your-google-tag-manager-account-id-to-your-wix-site

** Copy your Zotabox code in Zotabox Dashboard / Settings / Embed Code https://zotabox.com/dashboard/embeddedcode/


Step 1. Log into your Google Tag Manager. Go to Workspace / Tags and select NEW.
Step 2.  Select Custom HTML tag type, paste Zotabox code in the HTML section.
Select All Pages in the Triggering section.
Step 3.  Click SAVE then select SUBMIT at the top right corner to publish your Zotabox code.
Refresh your website to active your Zotabox code.