Your Header Bar can Drive Sales

Promo Bar to the Rescue


Your Promo Bar is often the first thing your visitors see and read when they come to your website so don’t let this important opportunity go to waste.

What are some of the BEST ways to get your visitor’s attention right away?


  1. If you offer free shipping PROMOTE IT!


One of the most successful promotions is FREE SHIPPING. Customers have come to expect it and frequent the stores that offer it, but if your customers don’t know you have it, you are probably losing a few orders.

Don’t have Free Shipping? Maybe try free shipping for a limited time to gauge how popular it will be with your customers.


2. Everyone LOVES a FREE GIFT!


People go out of their way to get a FREE GIFT and that includes purchasing something from your store! What free gift can you offer with a purchase?

It doesn’t have to be one of your own products. It can be a free T-shirt, mug or teddy bear. Don’t forget to add your logo to improve your branding. The increased profit can more than make up for the cost of the freebie.


  1. Give a DISCOUNT CODE right in the promo bar.


Don’t be shy. If you are going to offer a discount, let the world know about it. There is something about getting a deal that makes your customers feel special. Use a unique discount code so you can track where they saw it.


  1. Limited Time Offers


Have a sale that ends this Friday? Make your customers think twice before hitting the back button. Give them the feeling that these sales do not come along too often.


  1. Package Deal


Can you group some related products together and offer a discount? That might just be what your customers have been waiting for and push them over the edge.


  1. Make an Announcement.


How about offering 0% financing for a limited time or inform your customers that your new spring collection has finally arrived or your Christmas gifts are ready to order. Got Free wrapping? Promote that too! Opening a new location? Make sure everyone knows!


  1. Showcase your Portfolio.


Got something you are proud to sell? Show it off and impress customers with your quality, workmanship and attention to detail.


8.  Add your contact information.


Do you customers need to contact you frequently? Make it easy for them.


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Good luck!

Your Zotabox Team


Paul is the CMO of Zotabox and cares about the quality of the tools we provide to website owners. We are based in Hanoi, Vietnam. We love to hear your comments and suggestions.