The Messenger icon opens a new tab OR does not display on my website

You MUST meet the following conditions to enable to have the Facebook ‘live chat’ on your website (instead of redirecting to a new Messenger tab).


WHITELIST your domain in your fanpage settings and save on the Zotabox setting page (and refresh your website). (Be sure to copy and paste your website domain from your browser window to your fanpage Whitelist settings) 


You need to have admin access to whitelist your domain on your fanpage.


Facebook Live Chat will only work with secure websites. https:// (NOT  http://)


Facebook chat will only work with fanpages or business pages (not personal facebook accounts).


Have absolutely NO restrictions in your fanpage settings (including age, country, messaging, tagging, languages etc.) Live chat will NOT work with ANY restrictions on your fanpage settings.


Disable any ‘adblocker’ extensions in your browser settings.


You maybe redirected to the Messenger app on mobile browsers IF you meet these conditions.


In some cases, Facebook will block a whitelisted domain. We do not know the reason and can not override this. Please contact Facebook support directly to help you in this case.

(Our custom icon will open a New Messenger tab in this case).


WordPress users, if you have whitelisted your domain (by copying and pasting your domain url) and the icon still does not display, please embed our code manually using these easy instructions to avoid conflicts with custom themes.


A slow internet connection may cause the default chat icon to display slower or not at all. Please choose a custom icon to redirect to Messenger in this case.