On mobile devices, I am redirected to the Messenger app

The chat box on mobile devices is controlled by Facebook and your browser (ex. Safari opens Messenger on a new tab).


On mobile devices, you will be redirected to the Messenger app IF:


A. You click on our custom icon before the facebook script loads (Please wait a couple of seconds)


B. You have an old operating system or mobile browser.


C. Your visitor has not opened Messenger within their mobile browser before. Your visitor will be asked to login OR create a Messenger account and then will not be asked again.


Note: Messenger will NOT auto open the chat box on mobile devices. Your visitor HAS to click the mobile icon.


Messenger will display ‘full screen’ on mobile devices. This is a Messenger setting that we can not override.


Redirecting to a Messenger is a browser/Facebook issue. Zotabox can not control this. Please make sure you also meet ALL of Facebook’s requirements to display live chat on your website.