Add a Countdown Timer to Your WordPress Site


It is easy to get your visitors to take action by adding multiple countdown timers to your WordPress site.



No problem, with Zotabox you can easily add multiple countdown timers to your WordPress site.


WordPress Header Bar


Wordpress Countdown Timer Bar


Our responsive header bar is perfect for adding quick notes to current pages. You can choose to display on all pages by default or specific pages as you wish.

Add an optional name field and integrate with your email service provider.

You can display a coupon after your visitor enters their email to spur your visitors to take action.

Get more promotional ideas for your header bar here.


Wordpress Header Bar


Easy Popup


Wordpress Countdown Timer Popup


How about a popup to get your visitor’s attention? You can display immediately, after a certain time, on exit or on certain pages only.


WordPress Slider


Wordpress Slider


A slider is perfect for certain pages when your visitors show interest and scroll down the page. You can add an optional email capture field too.


Landing Page Builder


Wordpress Landing Page Builder

Easily create your own landing pages in minutes. More flexibility than WordPress. Add custom background images, buttons, email capture fields etc etc.



Customize Your Timer Style:


There are many styles of timers to choose from plus you can customize color and use your own custom CSS.

Set timezone (yours or your visitors) for your promotion to end.

Translate days, hours, minutes, seconds to your preferred language.




Fixed, Visit or Repeatable Timers:


Do you want to have a ‘repeatable timer’ to spur first time visitors to take action? No problem, you can reset your timers daily or weekly or even by visit (Ex. Take action next 1/2 hour to save 20% on our upcoming course). You can use our display options to display tools to new visitors only.



Countdown Timer Settings for website tools



Advanced features include:


Export events to Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel.

Add custom CSS and HTML.

Also auto response and  agree-to checkbox



Add a Countdown Timer to Your WordPress Site Now