Get 20 Popular Tools with One Shopify App




Add 20 popular tools to your website today by installing just one Shopify app from Zotabox.


You get 20 popular tools such as customizable popups, landing page builder, responsive header bars, contact form builder, Facebook live chat, push notificationstestimonials and more.


All our tools are fully customizable and responsive.


Increase Your Shopify Sales and Subscribers


Easy Popup


Promote Your Specials and Flash Deals with our Easy Popup. Add a countdown timer and email capture fields. Our popups are responsive and can display on mobile devices. See our handy display option guide to display your popup:



Shopify Popup



Get more successful promotional ideas for your website here.



Header Bar


You can customize your responsive header with a countdown timer or email capture field. Integrate with Mailchimp and 20+ other email service providers. Header bars don’t take up much space and are great for giving your customers much needed information such as holidays or special clearance sales etc.


Shopify Header Bar



Landing Page Builder


Quickly add your own responsive background images, buttons, text etc to customize a landing page for your latest sale or offer. You can link to your landing page from ads or internal links or add to your own website. Our landing page builder is a quick way to create a new landing page without developer help.


Shopify Landing Page Builder



Push Notifications


Keep your customers up to date with your latest sales promotions. Push notifications are a quick way for your customers to ‘subscribe’ to your latest news easily with only a couple of clicks. After your customers subscribe, they will see all your notifications in their browser live or the next time they login. Great for converting your customers.


Shopify Push Notifications




A responsive slider is a great way to target customers who visit specific pages. Set to display after a few seconds or when your customers scroll down the page. Add video, countdown timers and email capture fields. This is a great way to collect new email subscribers and add them to specific lists with your email service provider.


Shopify Slider



Improve Customer Communication


Contact Form Builder


Customer communication is vital to increasing your sales, improving your online reputation and resolving conflicts before a bad review is written.


contact form is almost standard on most websites nowadays. You can facilitate good communication by adding:

to encourage your visitors to give you all the relevant information you need the first time they contact you. This will save both you and your customers valuable time and resolving any issues quicker.


Shopify merchants can also quickly embed the contact form in a page or custom link to enhance your website’s appearance.


Shopify Contact Form



Facebook Live Chat


With Facebook Live Chat, you can communicate live with your website visitors using Facebook’s Messenger platform. There are over 1 billion active Messenger users so the chances are high your visitors already have a Facebook account and can instantly message you. You will respond using the Messenger platform, so you can be having a coffee at your local cafe and still respond to customer’s inquiries live without them ever knowing you have left the office or store. Messenger keeps a history of your conversation so you or your customer can re-connect at any time to follow up or make a new inquiry.


Shopify Facebook Live Chat



Be More Social 


Social Buttons


Zotabox also comes with many social buttons to encourage your visitors to ‘follow’ your social account or ‘share’ your website with their friends. Our social buttons come in many styles and colors. With over 20 Social Accounts we probably already have your favorites. If we don’t please request it and we will add it to our list. You can use our display options to display on certain pages only such as your blogs, home page etc etc.  Add social buttons and other contact buttons like Messenger or contact form to mobile devices to facilitate easy communication.


Shopify Social Buttons



Shopify Header Bar



Shopify Social Mobile Bar


Extra Tools


EU Cookie Bar


With GDPR and concern about privacy in general it is good to be on the safe side, especially when dealing with European customers. Add our EU Cookie Bar and set to display to European visitors only (if you wish). List all non-essential cookies you would like to block until your visitor ‘accepts’ your cookie policy.


Shopify EU Cookie Bar





Website visitors tend to accept other customer’s opinions when it comes to your reliability, product quality and service. Be sure to showcase your customer’s testimonials to reassure hesitant customers. You can choose to display your testimonials on your cart page, home page, product pages or all pages as you wish.  Our Social Review tool automatically displays the latest and best Facebook or Google reviews so you don’t need to worry about updating your reviews ever again.



Shopify Testimonial



Store Locator


Our Store Locator tool allows you to give directions to your visitors quickly and easily. Just type in your business location into our Google maps plugin and you are good to go. You can link this tool (and any Zotabox tool) to a custom link on your website.


Shopify Store Locator



More Shopify Benefits




Track Conversions / Google Analytics / Facebook Pixel Integration

Automatically track click through and view through conversions so you can see how effective your promotions using Zotabox tools are. You can also integrate with Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel on your Zotabox dashboard – settings – advanced settings.




Add Multiple Tools


You can add multiple popups, contact forms, header bars etc to the same website. This is great for custom offers to customers who visit specific pages. See our display options for more helpful information.




Add to Cart Buttons:


You can also turn any CTA link into a ‘Add to Cart’ button.


Shopify Add to Cart Button



Link any tool with a custom link on your Shopify store


You can open any Zotabox tool with a custom link on your website. You may need a developer to help you.


Email Platform Integrations:


Zotabox is integrated with Mailchimp, Constant Contact, Campaign Monitor, Get Response, Aweber, Klaviyo, Shopify, Drip, Infusionsoft, Hubspot, Active Campaign, SendinBlue, MailerLite, Convertkit, Madmimi, Mautic, iContact, Benchmark, Google Sheets, GetFly, Sendlane, Zapier.


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