Frequently Asked Questions

Email Capture Tools

Your email subscribers are on the dashboard

You can also integrate your new subscribers with some popular email service providers on the settings – email service providers:

Mailchimp only sends verification emails to NEW email addresses (not addresses already on your mailchimp list or previously deleted from your mailchimp list).


Please use a NEW email to test email capture tools. Also, if you click ‘double opt-in’ on the zotabox setting page ( your customers will need to click the confirmation link in a verification email to be added to your mailchimp list.


You can uncheck this box to allow for single opt-in (without verification step).


Please make sure first and last name are ‘not required’ in Mailchimp. In Mailchimp, go to ‘Lists’ – ‘Settings’ – ‘List Fields and *MERGE* Tags’.  Make sure First and Last Name ‘Required’ Boxes are UNCHECKED.


Mailchimp Required Fields

This is a temporary browser cache issue. If a customer closes ‘x’ your tool they will not see it again for 1 session (depending on the browser). To test, please open your website in a private browser window.

Yes, you can use this code to open a zotabox popup or any tool with a custom link on your website.

Please put this code in your page link URL: #zbwid-Tool ID


Or use this code in your HTML source editor:

< a href="#zbwid-Tool ID“>Show any tool< /a>


Or use this code in your JavaScript code: ID)


You may need a developer to help you.


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