Frequently Asked Questions


Please click the ‘refresh’ button on our setting page to display your tools (after saving your changes or ‘x’ closing the tools on your browser). You can also add /#zbrefresh to your website url  (Ex. )


Facebook Live Chat Settings (8)


OR you can open website in private/incognito browser window (for temporary browser cache issues).


To open Chrome/Firefox private browser, go to top right corner of browser, look for 3 dots (chrome) or 3 bars (firefox) and right click. Choose “New Incognito Window” or “New Private Window”.


If you ‘X’ (close) your tools, they will not display again for 1 session (session length depends on browser settings).


Some tools do not display on smaller mobile screens. Please double check the “Display Options” on the setting page for each tool.


Some tools such as popups will only display once per session to avoid annoying your customers.


Browser session length depends on individual browser settings:

  • For example, IF you browser ‘remembers’ your tabs when you reopen your browser it will be the ‘same’ browser session.
  • You can select to display tools ‘once per day/hour’ on the display options IF you would like certain tools like popups to appear more frequently.


If you enter your email, the tool will NOT display again (to avoid annoying your new subscribers). Please test in private browser mode.


Shopify does not display 3rd party tools on their checkout page (only cart page and other pages).


For WordPress users, some custom themes may conflict with our app. Please install our embed code manually and clear and delete your cache.


For Weebly users, please ‘publish’ in your weebly admin section after installing our app and saving and turning ON tools.


Weebly Publish


For Big Commerce users, please embed our code again if you change your theme.


Our tools will not load on Wix platforms or pages embedding in Wix (because they are required to load inside an I-Frame)


If you have an Ad Blocker extension in your browser, please disable it.


Rocket Loader of CloudFlare is still in Beta and may cause a conflict with our script. Please disable Rocket Loader or add data-cfasync=”false” to our script:

< script data-cfasync="false"  ...


If you have a stand alone website, please ensure the zotabox code is embedded in your website footer (html source)


Zotabox tools will not load if embedded inside an I-Frame.

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Browsers may cache Zotabox script to improve the website performance.


So to see your changes immediately, please select Refresh (ctrl F5) button on your Zotabox setting page to refresh your website cache.


Facebook Live Chat Settings (8)




To open Chrome/Firefox private browser, go to top right corner of browser, look for 3 dots (chrome) or 3 bars (firefox) and right click. Choose “New Incognito Window” or “New Private Window”.


If you ‘X’ (close) your tools, they will not display again for 1 session (session length depends on browser settings)


For Weebly users, please PUBLISH after making changes and ‘saving’ your zotabox tools.


Zotabox tools do not load in an I-frame.

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Zotabox tools load asynchronously and will not affect your website loading speed.


All our static resources are delivered through premium CloudFlare CDN and using dynamic browser cache.

We have developed our ZB Framework / micro services that uses the latest NodeJs, PHP, MySQL, NoSql, PM2 technology to deliver maximum performance and the quickest load times.


Our loading speed maybe affected by other 3rd party tools. Please delete unused tools or consider using a CDN system like CloudFlare to speed up loading static resources.


Shopify merchants can also embed our code manually to speed up loading times (if you have multiple apps installed on your site).


Third party widgets like Facebook and Google may take longer to load first time but load faster for your repeat visitors.


You can get suggestions to improve your website loading speed here.


You can also test your website performance without Zotabox tools by adding #zbstop in the end of your website URL.




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Your Zotabox tools will be automatically turned OFF if you reach 120% of your existing plan visits for the current month.


For example on our free plan, your Zotabox tools will be turned OFF when you reach 1,200 website visitors for the current month (3,600 for the starter plan etc) .


You will be sent reminder emails automatically when you reach 95% and 120% of your visit limits for the current month.


Your limit will be automatically reset to zero at the beginning of the next month (12:00 am GMT) and your tools will be automatically displayed again.


There is no website visit limits while on our 14 day premium trial.


To increase your monthly limits, please go to our pricing page.


Zotabox guarantees you will increase your sales or your money back for 30 days.


To get promotional ideas for your website see our promo idea page.


To see your current plan, please go to your account page.


A website visitor is calculated only ONCE per 24 hours, so if your customer makes multiple visits to your site in 1 day this is only considered 1 Zotabox website visit.




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To remove branding on ALL your Zotabox tools, please upgrade to one of our premium plans.

Category: General

Yes, please see Display Rules on your setting page . (The little screen icon in the upper right of your setting page or under ‘Menu’ in the same location)

Contact Form Settings

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Yes, you may review our GDPR policy here and request a data processing form.


You may also review our general privacy page here and link to Zotabox’s privacy page for your website visitors here.


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To avoid conflicts with custom wordpress themes, we recommend installing our zotabox embed code manually using these easy instructions –

Remember to clear and delete your cache.

If you added Zotabox to a 2nd wordpress site but it is displaying the settings from your 1st site, please follow these instructions to re-connect it properly.

Please also disable any wordpress cache plugin.

Category: General

Some tools do not display on mobile devices. You may adjust settings with display rules on the setting page.


The ‘exit intent’ display rule does not work on mobile devices – browsers do NOT allow us to ‘block’ when you visitor clicks the ‘back button’ so we can NOT detect ‘exit intent.


No impression is counted when no tool is displayed.


Category: General

Yes, you can use the same embed code on more than one site such as development site etc. Your websites will share the same tool settings and 14 day Premium Free Trial. You can also add another website to your zotabox account on the dashboard – My Account.

Category: General

This is a temporary browser cache issue. If a customer closes ‘x’ your tool they will not see it again for 1 session (depending on the browser). To test, please open your website in a private browser window.

1 Free impression = 1 unique customer visit per 24 hours (including multiple page and tool views per visit).

You have unlimited FREE tool impressions forever.

1 Premium impression = 1 customer visit with one or more premium tools activated (incl. multiple page views).

Category: General

You may use our free tools forever with no obligation. If you would like to use our premium tools, please upgrade to our premium plan. Please see the Pricing Page for more details.

Category: General

Yes, you can create multiple tools for the same website (ex. multiple contact forms, promo bars, sliders etc) using our multiple tool feature on the setting page. This is one of our premium features.


Click here to see the pricing page.


Please scroll over the top of the setting page to add another tool to your website.


Category: General

Our credit card processing company – Fast Spring will email you a copy of your invoice after each payment to the email address on your account.


You can also see your latest invoice (and edit your email address) on your membership page (please access or login to your Zotabox account before clicking link).



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Yes, you can use this code to open a zotabox popup or any tool with a custom link on your website.

Please put this code in your page link URL: #zbwid-Tool ID


Or use this code in your HTML source editor:

< a href="#zbwid-Tool ID“>Show any tool< /a>


Or use this code in your JavaScript code: ID)


You may need a developer to help you.


Yes, please add this code to your Zotabox button URL link to:
Start a phone call: tel:+01123456789

Send a SMS text: sms:+0112345678

Send an email:

Open Whatsapp: whatsapp://send?phone=+01123456789&text=Hello


Start Skype: skype:skypeaccount?chat



(replace +01123456789 with your phone number and replace +01 with your country code, or delete +01 for local numbers)
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Please refresh your browser cache – ctrl F5 to fix this temporary cache issue.

Category: General

We are sorry, Shopify does not allow most 3rd party tools on their checkout page (only on the cart page and other pages).


The only exception is our Advanced Discount Rules which work ONLY on the checkout page. These are Shopify restrictions.

Category: General

You can use the ‘tab slider’ on the tool setting page to move your tabs left/right and up/down based on your preferences. See the preview in different screen sizes to help you place the tab in the best position.

Category: General

To test your ‘returning customer’ display rule, please open your website browser (using refresh website button on your zotabox setting page).


Then close your browser and reopen again. (Please make sure your browser does not ‘remember’ your previous settings and re-opens your previously closed tabs – this will NOT trigger the ‘returning customer’ display rule).


You can also ‘refresh’ your website browser on the zotabox setting page to test again.


(this display rule will not work in private/incognito browser mode).


Category: General

Yes, you can add custom tracking to your Zotabox account.


Category: General

Custom CSS is available on all tool setting pages (below the Menu button).


Custom CSS is one of our premium features. Please upgrade to use this feature.


Category: General

Please install the Zotabox embed code manually on your non-EcWid website pages to display the same zotabox tools on ALL your website.



Category: General

No, after you have added our zotabox app to your ecommerce platform (such as Shopify, Weebly, Ecwid, WordPress etc.) you do NOT need to manually embed the zotabox code again on your website.

Doing so may cause conflicts. Please remove the manual embed code to fix this situation.

Category: General

Shopify restricts applying discount or adding free gift to the checkout page only (we are unable to add to the shopping cart page).

Category: General

Zotabox does not ‘auto-translate’ your tools but you can add multiple tools (with different languages) to the same website and set page based display rules to display each tool on different pages. For example English tools on English pages etc.


Multi-tools is one of our premium features on the pricing page.












If you have different languages on different domains you can add another website to your Zotabox account on the dashboard.


Category: General

Please send us an email FROM your original email address requesting the change to your new email address.


Please send this email to

Category: General

If your sub domain is managed via a separated platform then you will need to embed your Zotabox code for your sub domain again.


You can get your Zotabox code and find the instructions for your platform here:



Category: General

We are sorry. Zotabox does not do custom work on individual websites. Your developer can use our custom CSS to make custom changes to your individual tools. This is one of our premium features.


In some simple cases, Zotabox can do a quick one time customization at no additional charge.


We are not a web agency and to keep our prices low we can not re-do or re-edit simple customizations.

Category: General

Yes, you can program to display Zotabox tools using below Javascript code:

window.addEventListener(‘onLoadZotabox’, function (e) {
if (your_conditions) { //Show tool with your custom conditions. Eg. category=”mobile” //Get tool ID in its settings page URL
}, false)

Category: General

Please remove your zotabox app from your e-commerce platform admin – apps section or remove the zotabox embed code from your website footer.


You may also delete your whole zotabox account on your account page or delete the current website settings only on the dashboard – settings.


Inactive accounts will automatically be purged from zotabox after 6 months.


You may also unsubscribe from our emails by following the ‘unsubscribe’ link at the bottom of the email.


We wish you the best in the future with your online store.


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