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Hands Down The Best App...Seriously You Have To Get It. They Listen to you as well and quick to make corrections but the actual tools they come up with are amazing. David McMaugh (
Love it! It literally took me under 5 minutes to install set up test and go Tres Spa (
Love it. Ease of use. Does what it promises. No gimmicks. No Hassle. Would recommend to anyone! Nellie Mae (
Does exactly what is says on the tin and then some more! Very useful app, Plenty of features. too easy to use! Crispy, clean interface. Made my social media end of things a breeze and has already in one week given me approx 200 likes on Facebook. Cheers guys, keep up the great work. Europabay (
This is a fantastic application for nearly all storefronts. Easy to use, well designed, and great customizations in one package! Great way to improve the social aspect of your website and build a community. Jerome Whillock (
Super happy with the app, works really good, very easy to instal. Looks really nice, and helpfull that we can customize colors and position where it appears. Paulo Silva (
Very easy to use. Great customization. Everything we expected from an App. Thank you Zotabox. Wish all apps could be as user-friendly and to offer a free option for stores that are beginning and still don't have the volume to pay for extra apps. Being a start-up themselves, Zotabox gets it! Ivonne Longueira (
Unbelievable app!!! I wish I had discovered this earlier! An absolute must have for any serious Shopify user! Michael Friedman (
Zotabox works on ALL websites including
Integrate with your Email Services
Flexible Display Rules Available
for All Your Tools
Display to new/returning customers
On certain pages
After time (second)
Minimum screen size etc