Most Effective Promotions for Popups

So you got your new website up and running and you are wondering when the ‘flood’ of new customers will start arriving.

When they do arrive at your site you have one shot at converting them so you got to make the best of it.


Here are a few suggestions to boost your sales and promotions.


Popular Sale Promotions:


  • Every one loves and expects Free Shipping nowadays. If you have it make sure your customers know about it.

Simple Popup Settings

  • Try a deep discount to get rid of slow moving items. It just might be the ‘hit’ you were looking for.
  • (Note: Checkout page ‘rules’ need to be created in your website admin section. Our popups are used to ‘promote’ your sales/promotions)

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Boost your sales today with Zotabox’s Easy Popup.

  • Are your customers anxiously awaiting your new arrivals? Make sure they know about them first.

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  • Everyone LOVES a Free Gift. Try offering a free gift with every purchase or set a limit (first 100 customers etc).

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  • How about a B1G1F offer (or a buy 4 get 1 free offer). You get the idea. Sell in bulk and watch your sales increase.

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  • Don’t just use a __% off on your sales. Have a fixed $ amount, save $$ and see how your customers respond

Give your sales a boost with our Easy Popup.


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Exit Coupons (set up in Zotabox Display Rules):


  • This could be your ‘last chance’ to make a sale before you customers are ‘GONE FOREVER’ – so make it Irresistible.!
  • Have a link to a special ‘coupon page’ or just show the coupon immediately


Simple Popup Settings3

Increase your sales today with our Easy Popup.

Simple Popup Settings

  • We know time limited sales work. Try different ‘offers’ to see what ‘clicks’ with your customers.

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Boost Your Subscriber List:


Email offers the best ROI. Boost your email subscriber list with the following suggestions.

  • Everyone loves a good contest. How about a monthly (or yearly contest) to boost your subscriber list? Try different prizes to see what gets the most response.

Email Capture Popup Settings


Get more subscribers with our Email Capture Popup

  • People love ‘exclusive’ offers. How about creating a ‘VIP club’ with a special coupon code or free shipping for your best customers? Automatically send a ‘coupon code to your new subscribers by setting up a ‘follow up email’ with your email service provider, (ex. Mailchimp).

Email Capture Popup Settings


  • Do you have a free gift or PDF that you can give to your new subscribers? This will boost your subscriber rate through the roof!


Get more subscribers with our Email Capture Popup

Email Capture Popup Settings


Get Customers to Share Your Website:


  • Give Your Customers a coupon when they ‘share’ your website with their friends.


Social Coupon Popup Box Settings

Use our popular social sharing popup to drive traffic to your website.

SCP example2

SCP example

Please let us know what promotions/discounts/offers worked for you.





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