Frequently Asked Questions

1. General

Please refresh your browser  (ctrl F5) after saving and turning ON tools or open website in private/incognito browser window (for temporary cache issues).


Facebook Live Chat Settings (8)




To open Chrome/Firefox private browser, go to top right corner of browser, look for 3 dots (chrome) or 3 bars (firefox) and right click. Choose “New Incognito Window” or “New Private Window”.


If you ‘X’ (close) your tools, they will not display again for 1 session (session length depends on browser settings).


For WordPress users, some custom themes may conflict with our app. Please install our embed code manually.


For Weebly users, please ‘publish’ in your weebly admin section after installing our app and saving and turning ON tools.


Weebly Publish






If you have a stand alone website, please ensure the zotabox code is embedded in your website footer (html source)


Zotabox tools will not load if embedded inside an I-Frame.

Category: 1. General

Browsers may cache Zotabox script to improve the website performance.


So to see your changes immediately, please select Refresh (ctrl F5) button on your Zotabox setting page to refresh your website cache.


Facebook Live Chat Settings (8)




To open Chrome/Firefox private browser, go to top right corner of browser, look for 3 dots (chrome) or 3 bars (firefox) and right click. Choose “New Incognito Window” or “New Private Window”.


If you ‘X’ (close) your tools, they will not display again for 1 session (session length depends on browser settings)


For Weebly users, please PUBLISH after making changes and ‘saving’ your zotabox tools.


Zotabox tools do not load in an I-frame.

Category: 1. General

Yes, please see Display Rules on your setting page . (The little screen icon in the upper right of your setting page or under ‘Menu’ in the same location)

Contact Form Settings

Category: 1. General

This is a temporary browser cache issue. If a customer closes ‘x’ your tool they will not see it again for 1 session (depending on the browser). To test, please open your website in a private browser window.

Zotabox tools load asynchronously and will not affect your website loading speed.


Our loading speed maybe affected by other 3rd party tools. Please delete unused tools or consider using a CDN system like CloudFlare to speed up loading static resources.


Third party widgets like Facebook and Google may take longer to load first time but load faster for your repeat visitors.


Category: 1. General

You may use our free tools forever with no obligation. If you would like to use our premium tools, please upgrade to our premium plan. Please see the Pricing Page for more details.

Category: 1. General

To remove the zotabox branding, please upgrade to one of our premium plans.

Category: 1. General

1 Free impression = 1 customer visit with one or more free tools activated (incl. multiple page views).

You have unlimited FREE tool impressions forever.

1 Premium impression = 1 customer visit with one or more premium tools activated (incl. multiple page views).

Category: 1. General

Some tools do not display on mobile devices. You may adjust settings with display rules on the setting page (the little screen icon or ‘menu’ in the upper right of the setting page). No impression is counted when no tool is displayed.

Category: 1. General

Sometimes our app will conflict with custom wordpress themes. We recommend installing our zotabox embed code manually using these instructions –


Category: 1. General

To test your ‘returning customer’ display rule, please open your website browser (using refresh website button on your zotabox setting page).


Then close your browser and reopen again. (Please make sure your browser does not ‘remember’ your previous settings and re-opens your previously closed tabs – this will NOT trigger the ‘returning customer’ display rule).


You can also ‘refresh’ your website browser on the zotabox setting page to test again.


(this display rule will not work in private/incognito browser mode).


Category: 1. General

Please refresh your browser cache – ctrl F5 to fix this temporary cache issue.

Category: 1. General

Yes, you can use the same embed code on more than one site such as development site etc. Your websites will share the same tool settings and 14 day Premium Free Trial. You can also add another website to your zotabox account on the dashboard – My Account.

Category: 1. General

Please install the Zotabox embed code manually on your non-EcWid website pages to display the same zotabox tools on ALL your website.



Category: 1. General

No, after you have added our zotabox app to your ecommerce platform (such as Shopify, Weebly, Ecwid, WordPress etc.) you do NOT need to manually embed the zotabox code again on your website.

Doing so may cause conflicts. Please remove the manual embed code to fix this situation.

Category: 1. General

You can use the ‘tab slider’ on the tool setting page to move your tabs left/right and up/down based on your preferences. See the preview in different screen sizes to help you place the tab in the best position.

Category: 1. General

You can display multiple different tools at the same time on your website but we are unable to display 2 or more promo bars, contact forms etc on the same website. In the near future we hope to offer that ability.

Category: 1. General

Please remove your zotabox app from your e-commerce platform admin – apps section or remove the zotabox embed code from your website footer.


You may also delete your whole zotabox account on your account page or delete the current website settings only on the dashboard – settings.


Inactive accounts will automatically be purged from zotabox after 6 months.


You may also unsubscribe from our emails by following the ‘unsubscribe’ link at the bottom of the email.


We wish you the best in the future with your online store.


Category: 1. General

2. Facebook Live Chat

This message is from Facebook’s spam protection. Only a few of your customers will see this. We can not control who sees this message on our end.

With Facebook Live Chat, the first message by your website visitor is sent on your website. You will received this message in your Facebook Messenger and continue the conversation with your visitor in Messenger. This has the advantage that you don’t need to be ‘at your desk’ to reply to messages and both of you can ‘reconnect’ easily at a later time.

This is a temporary browser cache issue if you leave the facebook chat box open and revisit your website in a short time period.

Your new visitors will see a closed chat box tab. You can test in a private browser window to confirm there is no problem.

Please check your facebook fanpage settings to make sure your page is VISIBLE to ALL visitors and they can message you.


Also make sure you do NOT have any ‘country’ or ‘age’ restrictions on your facebook settings.


Facebook restricts chatting to fanpage and business pages only.



This problem is caused when another facebook script on your website is overriding the language settings of our facebook live chat. Please check your other facebook scripts to find the cause.

Please check your facebook fan or business page is in the correct format.

Use this format OR



Facebook will ask your visitors to create a Messenger account if they do not have a Messenger or Facebook account already but with almost 2 billion active users on Facebook/Messenger most of your visitors will already have an account.

Mobile browsers are not ‘integrated’ with Messenger and may ask you to ‘login’ to send a message. After the 1st message is sent, your browser will ‘remember’ your login and will not ask you again.

3. Contact Form

If you are not receiving emails with our contact form, please check your spam box and add to your contact list.


If this does not work, try a recipient email address. If this works you may need to tell your local internet service provider to ‘allow’ emails from Zotabox.

Category: 3. Contact Form

Yes, our contact form uses Ajax loading/validation technology to prevent spam and robot submissions.

Category: 3. Contact Form

We only have the ability to add 1 contact form to each website right now. We plan to offer this function in the next 3-4 months.

Category: 3. Contact Form

All correspondence is sent to your ‘recipient’ email address on the contact form setting page.


Visitor emails collected by using our contact form can integrate with Mailchimp if you upgrade to our premium plan or added to your email list by checking ‘Add contact to email list’ on the setting page.


You can also collect new email subscribers by using one of our email collection tools such as our Email Capture Popup or Email Capture Bar.



Category: 3. Contact Form

Visitor messages sent using our contact form are delivered via secure Amazon servers. Zotabox keeps a log of messages for 1 week to check for spam. We do not share or review these messages and they are automatically deleted after 1 week.


You can ‘collect’ and store your visitor’s email address by clicking the ‘add contact to email list’ box on the contact form setting page and retrieve your new subscribers emails on the dashboard stats.

Category: 3. Contact Form
We can’t set the customer email as sender because our email service only accepts verified email address to forward you messages from your customers.
We set the customer email in the Reply-To field in the email header. Most popular email systems support it now. So when you click reply, the email will be sent to your customer email address, not our sender email.
Category: 3. Contact Form

4. Promo Bar

This is a temporary browser cache issue. If a customer closes ‘x’ your tool they will not see it again for 1 session (depending on the browser). To test, please open your website in a private browser window.

To remove the ‘Z’ logo on the promo bar, you can upgrade to our premium plan (and get 10+ more premium tools at the same time). You can see our pricing page here

Category: 4. Promo Bar

This is a common problem, but since each menu/header bar is different, there is no one easy solution for all websites. You may need to contact a developer to help you fix the conflict on your site. You can also try the top ‘scrolled’ and bottom position that have less conflicts with existing menus etc.

Category: 4. Promo Bar

5. Email Capture Tools

This is a temporary browser cache issue. If a customer closes ‘x’ your tool they will not see it again for 1 session (depending on the browser). To test, please open your website in a private browser window.

Your email subscribers are on the dashboard

You can also integrate your new subscribers with some popular email service providers on the settings – email service providers:

Mailchimp only sends verification emails to NEW email addresses (not addresses already on your mailchimp list or previously deleted from your mailchimp list).


Please use a NEW email to test email capture tools. Also, if you click ‘double opt-in’ on the zotabox setting page ( your customers will need to click the confirmation link in a verification email to be added to your mailchimp list.


You can uncheck this box to allow for single opt-in (without verification step).


Please make sure first and last name are ‘not required’ in Mailchimp. In Mailchimp, go to ‘Lists’ – ‘Settings’ – ‘List Fields and *MERGE* Tags’.  Make sure First and Last Name ‘Required’ Boxes are UNCHECKED.


Mailchimp Required Fields

6. Countdown Timer Tools

The countdown timer will automatically turn OFF when your timer reaches zero. If you see the bar after the timer reaches zero, please refresh your browser – ctrl F5.

7. Social Accounts

Instagram only supports the ‘follow’ option, not sharing. Instagram also recently disallowed the ‘follow slider’ option.

Facebook automatically chooses what images etc to use when your visitors ‘share’ your website. You can ‘tell’ Facebook what images to share by using the following code. You may need a developer to help you.


<meta property=”og:title” content=”Free marketing tools to promote your site”/>

<meta property=”og:description” content=”Dramatically Boost Your Sales/Subscribers and Followers with These FREE Customizable Widgets”/>

<meta property=”og:image” content=”″ />

<meta property=”og:site_name” content=”” /> <meta property=”og:type” content=”website” />

On some social tools you can choose to allow your customers to ‘share’ your website with their friends OR ‘follow’ your social account. For the ‘share’ option we do NOT need your social account information.


Currently, our social mobile tool only allows the ‘share’ option. The ‘follow’ option is available on our other social tools.

Please use our social mobile bar to display social buttons on mobile devices.


The share totals (per page) come directly from the social networks. Zotabox can not change or alter these totals. To compare your totals to a 3rd party provider, please enter your page url at or

Our social buttons are currently not ’embeddable’. We intend to add this feature in the coming months after we complete our current priorities. Thank you for your patience.